Young People

Ardgowan Hospice

Ardgowan supports many children and young people in Inverclyde who are facing challenging times coping with bereavement or if someone close to them is diagnosed with a serious illness.  Ardgowan Hospice provides practical support and guidance to families, professionals or anyone concerned about a grieving child or young person.

The Hospice also provides bereavement awareness sessions aimed at schools teachers and support staff in order to equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills and general understanding that help to identify and connect grief with the emotions of children and young people.

The Hospice believes that given the correct support at the right time, young people will bounce back and regain strength to rebuild their lives and make plans for positive futures.

Schools Initiative

Ardgowan Hospice remains at the heart of the Inverclyde community by investing in the young people of Inverclyde.  One fantastic programme run by Ardgowan is the Schools Initiatives Programme, aimed at helping young people understand the work, services and dedication of their own local hospice service.  

Together we care schools project

The “Together We Care” project presents an innovative and purposeful approach and brings together two different organisations who both serve our local community. Inverclyde schools and the Hospice team work in partnership to ensure this education programme benefits children, young people, teachers and our own hospice staff.  The main goal is to raise the awareness of the incredible work delivered by Ardgowan Hospice, give greater understanding of the true value of care in our community and above all, offer a platform from which our local people can see the many services delivered, free of charge, by their own Hospice.

Case Studies

At Ardgowan, we have the greatest pleasure in helping and supporting our community especially by providing counselling and support to children, adults and young people who have experienced bereavement; helping them understand their emotions and come to terms with their personal loss.

The following testimonials reinforce our professional support and work does make a huge difference in Inverclyde however, none of this would be possible without the kindness and generosity of our local people.  The following are provided by both parents and children who have benefitted from Ardgowan support.

 Children and young people

  • I made my memory box so I could talk about my granddad.Age 9
  • You listened. I was taken seriously. The room was relaxing.Age 12
  • I can now talk to my dad my sisters and gran about my mum.Age 11
  • I felt better about myself after each session.Age 16
  • It was good to be able to talk to someone outside my family.Age 17


  • This was a wonderful service for my daughter and I wish I’d known about it sooner.
  • This service was excellent in helping my daughter and I through this difficult time and I cannot thank everyone at Ardgowan Hospice enough.
  • This service relieved any worries we had that our daughter was being emotionally affected by her mum's illness.
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Ardgowan Hospice
Ardgowan Hospice
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