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Fundraising events are a brilliant way to meet friends and colleagues, obtain new skills and above all, have some great fun supporting your Hospice and our local people in Inverclyde.  

So many ideas and events can be done and our development team will be delighted to help you with your planning, give organisational tips and offer ideas for publicity too. There are so many different things you can do – organise a coffee morning, car boot sales, dress-down days at work or at school, pub quiz nights, fun runs, sponsored walks, promote the Hospice Lottery or run a raffle at your local church or club.

Please contact Elaine on:

t: 01475 558899

to receive a copy of our Fundraising Events Pack which is bursting with tips on how to get the most out of your fundraising event and it will ensure that you and your friends have some guidelines on safety etc. We can also provide collection buckets, cans and blank posters to promote your fundraising event.

If you are interested in taking part in one of our existing events or fancy challenging yourself to something a bit more adventurous, please see the Events section of this website.

Five Tips for Fundraising

1 Start Early

Planning your event can take time, so it’s always best to start early. Contact the team at Ardgowan Hospice and let us know what you are planning – we’ll see how we can help.  The next step is to begin your plan and start letting people know about your fundraising challenge/idea maybe they’ll get involved too!

2 Sponsorship & Accepting Donations

The easiest way of getting sponsored and accepting donations is by using Follow the link then click on "Make My Page". Add a photo and message then email (or post it on Facebook) so your friends and family see it. It’s simple, easy and it is very safe.

3 Just Ask!

Don’t be afraid to ask anyone and everyone you know for sponsorship. People will love to hear what you are doing and making a donation will make them happy! The personal approach always works best, so chat to people, engage on social media or email them personally. Don’t just tell people what you are doing; tell them why you are doing it for Ardgowan Hospice!

4 Tick That Box – For Extra Cash!

 If you are using or a sponsorship form for donations make sure you ask your sponsors to tick the “Gift Aid”. This means that Ardgowan Hospice will receive an extra 25p in every £1 donated and it comes from the Government and not from your donor. Download your Gift Aid Form Here.

5 Spread the Word and Raise Support

Now you are prepared for the event and you know when it’s happening; it’s time to spread the word! Speak to us at Ardgowan Hospice and we’ll post your event on our website and social media. Write a blog, hand out flyers and put up posters or connect the local press and hit the headlines with your fundraising adventures.

Ways to Fundraise

There are many ways you can fundraise for Ardgowan Hospice. Here are some ideasto get you started:

  • Marathons, Half Marathons and Fun Runs
  • Zip Slides
  • Charity Challenges
  • Sporting Events like Triathlons & Sponsored Cycles
  • Corporate Events & Diners
  • Jumble Sales & Bake Offs & Coffee Mornings & Car Boot Sales
  • Collect Goods for our shops to sell

We’d love to hear from you about your fundraising ideas. Contact one of our team here for some help or check out our 5 tips for fundraising. 

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